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hella's style desk

by: ariana corwin

  thumbnail_helenbreger3   courtesy of helen breger

by: susan iacovides


  thumbnail_helenbreger4   courtesy of helen breger
thumbnail_vintageclothing   vintage photo   thumbnail_gumps   advertisement
thumbnail_card    vintage drawing   thumbnail-1954   courtesy of helen breger
thumbnail-wallpaper1   vintage wallpaper   thumbnail-shoppingillustration  

illustration by:

colleen wahl
thumbnail-wallpaper2   vintage wallpaper   thumbnail-closet   Photo by: hella

illustration by:

susan iacovides

  thumbnail-closetspace   Photo: unknown
thumbnail-directorchair   created by: hella   thumbnail-shoppingphoto   Photo by: hella

photo by: paula

advertisement by: tse

  thumbnail-photoofhella1   Photo by: paula  
thumbnail-hella1   Photo by: paula   thumbnail-hella3   Photo by: paula
thumbnail-hella2   Photo by: barbara bowman        
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