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Hella Personal Style TestimonialsI have had the pleasure of working with Hella on many occasions.  She usually comes in to pre-shop, at which time she tells me all about her client, from her best colors to her size, shape, and style.   I show Hella what I feel fits in with this, and she also looks around on her own.  If she feels there are enough options for her client's needs, they will return later and I will fill a dressing room with the items we discussed, as well as any others that seem to fit the specifications.

When the client arrives, Hella introduces her and shows her the selections.  Then the fun begins!  Methodically, she will begin with one type of item, so that they can focus on pants for example.  Once options are found and discarded, they move onto finding matching tops and/or jackets.  Hella is gently ruthless in her search for items that make the client look her best.  She truly enjoys this process - bubbling with glee when something works perfectly.  It is rewarding working together to find the perfect accessory or item to complete an outfit that makes the client shine.

I have seen Hella convince a customer NOT to buy something if they can not figure out what to wear it with.  Each item must have a functional place in the client's wardrobe.  A session typically wraps up with a review of what was successful, which items work together, and prioritization if the client is on a limited budget.  I have had repeat sessions with Hella and some of her clients and they are ALWAYS happy with everything they purchased.
-Laura   www.personalpizazz.bizHella Personal Style Shopping

I love the advice I get from Hella. She has saved me thousands of dollars by advising me not to buy certain things! Shopping with Hella is a fun and often mind blowing experience. She has a very educated eye and a discernment that is truly rare.

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