How To Apply My PSC Information


I love helping new clients understand and apply their personal color and style information. When understood correctly, the results are immediate, effective and long lasting.

I am able to bring this information to life by offering the following services:

Closet Analysis: This service is designed for me to access your wardrobe as it applies to your new information. It is when I listen to your wardrobe needs and we look together at what clothing items are working (or not working) for you. Then I create a shopping plan and define what items are needed to add to your wardrobe that reflect your current lifestyle needs.

Shopping:  Based on my plan made during your closet session, we set out to find the missing pieces to create the wardrobe that you knew was possible, but did not know how to find.

Seminars:  I use written, visual and actual clothing examples to further assist your understanding of what works for you. Also, it is a great opportunity to meet other seminar participants and share any questions and experiences that you may have about your color and style information. These group settings are friendly, lively and fun!

Each of the above services are specially designed to teach you how to apply your color and style information, and ultimately help you achieve the desired results; creating your own personal style.

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