Personal Style Counselors


In the 1960’s Joan Songer took a lot of Suzanne Caygill's basic theory and made it more applicable and easy for people to understand. She found artists who were experts in color identification and had them trained to do color analysis for both women, men and children. She taught classes on how to use and apply their color and style information.  She called her business Personal Style Counselors. Joan once told me she was afraid to actually do the color analysis herself, but she did enjoy teaching the classes.  She never wrote a  book about her  theory and how it was applied. It was not because she did not want to write one, but she was too busy with the frantic demand in her business coinciding with the explosive interest in self-development characteristic of that decade. Her contribution was to create a individualized color harmony system with classes to complement the information, creating one of the most comprehensive systems that still exists today.

Although I never met Suzanne Caygill, I received her information and inspiration  through Joan Songer, whom personally endorsed my work with Personal Style Counselors,(and John Kitchener, senior color artist and current owner) as a wardrobe and color/style consultant. My wish is to keep the purity of PSC and bring it to the next generation. Because now is a time where there is almost too much to choose from, as a result an individual gets overwhelmed and lost about what works for them. But if one has the understanding of their own unique coloring and how to dress in a way that complements them, they will start to experience confidence and begin to  enjoy fashion for what it is really meant to be; a wonderful, creative resource for authentic self expression.

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