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Hi Sarah,
So glad you are reading and learning from my site. You can also subscribe to my fashion/news updates, which will be coming out this spring!

In the meantime, regarding your question about "how does angelic manifest itself?" (Btw, I have been know to be psychic), Angelic types are the most elusive of the style harmonies. The traits on the physical level(in general) that are based on a body types are: oval facial shape, elongation of body, long hands, fingers, naturally very slender, tall, very unusual, from another world or time look. Fabrics and clothing are ethereal, light, sheer in feeling and look, blended in color combinations, nothing sharp or contrasting, nothing heavy, but think of unicorns, shadows of dusk, midsummer's eve. Other worldly types yet not weak...the iron hand in the velvet glove! Do you relate to any of these descriptions?