As a wardrobe and style consultant my approach is broad, yet personal. The most important principle of my work is to teach clients how to dress with confidence and enthusiasm for any occasion. My clientele represents all ages, genders and orientations, and economical backgrounds.

Because the fashion and retail industry gives us so many shopping choices, we are often left feeling overwhelmed about what works for us. I help eliminate the confusion and save time for my clients by selecting clothing that flatters their individual coloring, bone structure and body type.

Even after 30 years of experience as a wardrobe consultant, I am continuously reminded that we are judged primarily by the way we dress. It is a well – known fact that you only get one chance when making a first impression.

You can experience dressing with confidence and ease. That’s Personal Style. By utilizing the principles of Personal Style Counselors, (founded by Joan Songer in 1964), I have been able to share all that I have learned and experienced first hand, ever since I had my own color and style analysis done in 1973.

Welcome to my website. I encourage you to explore my recently expanded services. I will also be covering what is going on in the current fashion world including news and events in our local fashion community.