Q. What makes you different from other wardrobe consultants?

A. I take in to account the individual person; their unique coloring, bone structure and body type. I do not base my recommendations on current trends or general rules. For example: “A-line skirts are the best silhouette for woman.” “When in doubt wear black.” “Every man should own a white dress shirt.”

Q. You work with men as well as woman?

A. Absolutely. I work with all ages, genders and orientations.

Q. If I decide to work with you, where do we start?

A. The first step that I recommend is that you have your color analysis done.

Q. Do I have to have my colors done before I see you?

A. No. I help my clients based on their needs. For example, some new clients already know what colors work for them, but have difficulty understanding what clothing styles flatter them.

Q. How can you help with that?

A. By offering closet evaluations and shopping services, which can then be reinforced by an opportunity to take one of my seminars. You can meet and hear what others are experiencing as they begin to achieve their own personal style.