Who Is Hella?

 In the 1970’s I had the good fortune to have my color analysis done by Personal Style Counselors (PSC). This information had an immediate and positive influence on me and led to my 30-year career as a wardrobe and style consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After graduating from Mills College with a B.A. in Art History. I began personally assisting women and men to shop for clothes. My services have expanded from closets and shopping to online consultations and seminars (ranging from Basic Dressing to the History of Fashion).

I have always had a great love for fashion, art and teaching. While working with clients I am able to share first hand, my insights and experiences about the fashion world. But most importantly, how one can learn to apply this information in an easy, effortless way when getting dressed each day. Soon you will find that you are perceived as you want to be, with your own personal style. We have to get dressed everyday, so why not do it with pleasure and confidence?

Must read article:

A great article from The Monthly that reviews hellapersonalstyle.

“Hella Tsaconas and I sifted through my entire messy closet, piece by piece. Hella is not a fashionista, rather more of an appearance therapist. She is gentle, supportive, articulate, and funny.”

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